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Nov 18, · Lump in bottom of back, top of buttocks I have recently developed a lump in the bottom of my back / top of my buttocks which is making it very difficult for me to sit on hard seats (on buses, trains, park benches etc.) and to be honest i'm a little embarrassed to see a doctor about it because of where the lump is.

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Nov 13, · RE: Painful, swollen lump at base of spine I had an abcess at the bottom of my spine at the top of my bum cheeks It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced! (I'm not a wimp!) You can't sit down, you can't stand up or walk and you can't lie down!

I have a quick question, A number of years ago I visited a doctor to ask the question regarding a lump at the bottom of my back that feels a little like one of those stress balls. Jan 14, · Question: Lump at base of spine. The lump is about the size of two flat marbles and is soft. The skin on the lump is slightly red. Ive had the lump for four days, the pain has not got any worse but I seem to have only noticed the lump on the third day, though it is small. I sit at my computer a lot, but I do go walking along.
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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Finkelstein on lump bottom of spine: Consider arthritis, sprain, mass, infection. Check with your pcp or spine surgeon.

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A lump on the middle of the lower spine could be symptomatic of osteomyelitis (a bone infection usually accompanied by pain and inflammation), an abscess (if the lump is on the skin as opposed to the actual vertebra beneath), a bone spur (additional bone growth leading to pain) or a spinal . A lump on or around the spine could be the result of several things, such as: A bruise on the spine can feel like a lump or bump. These are most common after an acute injury. Tight Muscle or Muscle Spasm. Sometimes the muscles surrounding the spinal cord can tighten up and result in a .

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A lump on the spine in the middle of the back is most likely a spinal tumor. Spinal tumors originate in spine bones (vertebral tumors) or in the spinal cord (intradural tumor). Vertebral column tumors – Vertebral tumors can originate in bones of the spine or the . Well, there is a disorder or lets say a cyst that often causes pain in the lower back and is felt like a lump just above the butt crack. It is called pilonidal cyst. It is thought that this cyst is actually an ingrown hair or hairs and if it gets infected, it may contain puss.

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Cancers and tumors of the spine and spinal cord are relatively rare. The most common symptom that patients with a spinal tumor have is pain. Because back pain and neck pain are very common, it is also not a specific symptom of any one disease or medical condition. Luckily, most back and neck pain is . I found a lump on my lower left back about 4\" up from my hip last Monday. By Tuesday it, or certainly the area around it, had vastly grown in size (from spine right round my side - about 8 or 9 inches); giving a deep grumbling kind of pain and a very queezy sickly feeling.
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